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Thank you for your interest in subscribing to my FREE weekly report (online ezine) and for accepting my personal invitation to become part of Lilllian Too’s Mandala! A Mandala is often described as a circle or network of people with a teacher dedicated to a philosophy of goodness. I hope you will consider me such a teacher!

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If you follow my advice in these FREE weekly reports and do your feng shui with a pure heart and honest motivation then you will come to understand the real energy and secrets of this ancient science. You will learn feng shui not just for yourself but also for everyone that you love.

I like to think of living with good feng shui as “a way of life” so this ezine is geared to the practical side of the fast and busy world we live in today. You can pick and choose the articles to read according to what interests you…and everything is based on authentic feng shui principles that I have studied and taught for over 30 years.

And best of all its absolutely FREE!

Feng Shui has attracted a great deal of good fortune into my life for the past 35 years for which I am most grateful. I welcome you to join me on this exciting journey and I hope this study and practice will do as much and even more for you!

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